Solution for Life is an organization committed to supporting individuals in finding the solution for what they are facing in life. Christ came to give eternal purpose in life and to comfort those experiencing difficulties. Christ is the solution for life and He gives peace and joy. The Team at Solution for Life is focused on supporting you in discovering Christ’s solution for your life. This is through the following areas:
Christ is the solution for people’s life in the present world and for eternity. Certified Life Coaches are available to meet with individuals to support them as clients in discovering and reaching their God given goals in life. Finishing Touches is a women’s ministry that focuses on discovering how to experience God’s calling to be strong, encouragers, nurturers, and leaders in their communities. In addition, women work together to reach out, comfort, and heal the broken hearted. This is accomplished by women meeting together and studying God’s purpose and plan for their life.
Solution for Life offers tangible support to those who find they need extra help from time to time. This has been through helping people stay in their homes, health care support and identifying ways to meet needs of people in career transitions. Our team feels it is important to teach and assist people in their spiritual growth. This is accomplished through the quarterly newsletters, small groups, coaching individuals, workshops, and prayer. Booklets are also available to assist in the growth of those interested in self-study and reflection. The booklets are, “Perfect Peace”, “Knowing and Hearing the Voice of God”, and “Watch and Pray”.
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